SCOTUS Crowds Cheer, Jeer Ruling: While demonstrating at the Supreme Court in protest of the Hobby Lobby decision, I was interviewed by Politico and quoted in an article they published.

Intimacy in the Ivory Tower:  I wrote this piece for The Student Life, the student newspaper at Pomona College. This addresses my experience of alienation in a philosophy class discussion of abortion because of my experience taking Plan B. It asks students and teachers alike to remember that the personal is political and the personal is intellectual, and that classrooms are never isolated from our greater life experiences.

12 Reasons We Need Feminism, According to College Students: This article was written about the “Who Needs Feminism?” Campaign that I led on Pomona College’s campus. This photo project explores the many reasons why the men and women, faculty and students of Pomona College need feminism. It got over 90,000 views on facebook by thousands of people across the country. For the full  album, check out the Pomona College Women’s Union facebook page.

Roundtable: Our Experiences Buying Plan B: This collaborative blog post, written for the Feminist Majority Foundation‘s blog explores the experiences of various interns accessing emergency contraception.

Pro-Life Group Demonstrates Between CMC and Pitzer, Starts ConversationsThis article, published in the Pomona student paper, covers the pro-choice counter demonstration led by Claremont students when the anti-choice groups the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust came to our campuses.


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